Dubbo Stampede excited to announce new event in 2017

For the first time in Dubbo Stampede history, a wheelchair event will be held in a move that will further promote inclusiveness, being healthy and active in your community.

Since the Dubbo Stampede was first held in 2012, it has promoted itself as being a ‘running festival for everyone’, with people of all abilities encouraged to participate and complete one of the four course distances on offer.

This year, the Dubbo Stampede is continuing with the same theme and is excited to partner with Ability Links to offer the 5.3 km ‘Wallaby Wheel’.

Dubbo Stampede President, Rod Campbell said once the logistics were sorted and it was confirmed they were able to offer this event, he couldn’t wait to get the news out there.

“We have always encouraged families, adults and kids to take part in the Dubbo Stampede whether they are trying to break a course record or just complete an event in a more relaxed nature,” Mr Campbell said.

“This year we are so excited to offer a wheelchair event and the fact it will be held around the Taronga Western Plains Zoo makes it all the more special to be a part of.”

Ability Links Orana Far West Team Leader, Cassie Gardner couldn’t get on-board with the Dubbo Stampede quick enough when first approached about the wheelchair event.

“We are thrilled this event is now part of something as big as the Dubbo Stampede,” Ms Gardner said.

“For people in a wheelchair to have the opportunity to not only participate in the Stampede but do so on a course around the zoo is fantastic.”

Along with the Wallaby Wheel, the Dubbo Stampede will again have the 5.3 km Dingo Dash, 10 km Cheetah Chase, 21.1 km Zebra Zoom Half Marathon and 42.2 km Rhino Ramble Marathon events.

Participants will compete in the 27 August event for their part of $8,500 in prize money.

An early bird special in currently available for participants who register prior to 23 July.

The Dubbo Stampede would like to thank its sponsors and event partners – the MAAS Group, Taronga Western Plains Zoo, Big Blue Digital, EMS Group, Rhino Promotions, Ability Links, Macquarie Credit Union, Dubbo City Toyota, Hertz, Charles Sturt University, GU Energy, Sportsman’s Warehouse and the Daily Liberal.

To register or get further information, visit www.dubbostampede.com.au.  

Registrations now open for the 2017 Dubbo Stampede!

Families, runners of all abilities and walkers are now able to book their place to run with the herd, with the Dubbo Stampede taking registrations for their 2017 event.

The Dubbo Stampede, which will be held on 27 August at the iconic Taronga Western Plains Zoo, will again have the 5.3 km Dingo Dash, 10 km Cheetah Chase, 21.1 km Zebra Zoom Half Marathon and 42.2 km Rhino Ramble Marathon events.

This year, for the first time, the Dubbo Stampede will offer a wheelchair race titled the ‘Wallaby Wheel’, which will use the same 5.3 km course around the zoo as the Dingo Dash.

Participants will compete for their part of $8,500 in prize money, while everyone that completes an event will receive a medal and get to experience a wonderful community event that prides itself on being a ‘running festival for everyone’.

Dubbo Stampede President, Rod Campbell can’t wait for registrations to start coming in.

“Now that we have officially launched the Stampede, things start to get really exciting and as we see the entries coming in, we know it is going to be another big and enjoyable event,” Mr Campbell said.

“Year on year we get a lot of families and individuals returning which is fantastic, but I also want to really encourage anyone that has thought about participating previously and not gone ahead to take part this year.

“Whether you’re a serious runner looking to compete for the prize money or simply want to run or walk a distance at your own leisure, this event caters for everyone.”

As with previous years, participating in the Dubbo Stampede will include one day entry to the zoo either on Saturday, 26 August, or following your event on the Sunday which represents fantastic value for both locals and those travelling to Dubbo alike.

A number of deals regarding family entry and an early bird special are currently available for participants.

The Dubbo Stampede would like to thank its sponsors and event partners – the MAAS Group, Taronga Western Plains Zoo, Big Blue Digital, Channel 40, Rhino Promotions, Ability Links, Macquarie Credit Union, Dubbo City Toyota, Hertz, Charles Sturt University and the Daily Liberal.

To register or get more information, visit www.dubbostampede.com.au.  

Dubbo Stampede to participate in central west running series

We're really excited to join the inaugural half marathon central west running series. To participate, compete in the five half marathon events listed below. Orange is up first, so register now!

New series to make the Central West the Distance Running Capital of Australia

A local initiative will see the five major distance running events in the Central West join together to form the new NSW Regional Championships, starting with half marathons in each event in 2017.

The participating events will be in date order:

1. Orange Running Festival - February 2017

2. Bathurst Half Marathon - May 2017

3. Mudgee Running Festival - August 2017

4. Dubbo Stampede - August 2017
5. Carcoar Cup Running Festival - November 2017

“I think this Regional Championship is a tremendous concept” said Olympic coach Sean Williams.

“So much of Australia’s talented running stock has come from regional areas - this will showcase a lot of not only country NSW’s but even Australia’s future running talent - hopefully an Olympian or two can be unearthed during this series. Apart from giving up and comers a chance to shine, the recreational runners will have a great opportunity to run PB’s in their own territory.”

$8,000 of prizemoney has been put up, along with $1,000 of trophies. We expect the prestige of such a championship, combined with the rewards, will give a considerable boost to numbers participating in each of the five Half Marathons, and also generate considerable interest in the running community nationwide.

To allow the widest possible participation the Championships will be for men and women in age sections 20-39, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, and over 60. The events will attract runners from not only our region, but from the major city centres as well. All finishers in each race will be awarded a point, with the top 9 runners receiving bonus points.

“This also represents a major focus on the health, fitness and well-being of Australians. In targeting initially the Half Marathon, we are tapping into the fun runners who are keen to do this ideal distance - a challenge but not out of reach. We do plan to include additional races in 2018”, said spokesman Andrew Baulch.

“We are really excited to link with the other major regional events”, said Rod Campbell, Dubbo Stampede President. The Central West is fast turning into a premium running destination for locals and visitors alike”.

“We see it as a great opportunity to advance distance running in the State, said Athletics NSW Participation Manager, James Matthews.

Tip #42: Race Day- The Recovery

Tip #42: Race Day- The Recovery

The race is over. You have done your best and now whether you have done a PB (personal best) or a PW (personal worst), it is time to recover and enjoy the ‘afterglow’

May I suggest that if possible soon after your event, to rehydrate and eat. Splash out on a treat for yourself. When you get home, more food. Yea. And maybe a nap after a warm bath or shower (if circumstances allow).

Give yourself some days off hard training if you are continuing your training. Easy and active recovery does not mean no running at all. It just means easy running for a period roughly a day for each 1 or 2 kilometers of your event. So, that means one week for The Dash, a couple of weeks for The Chase  three weeks for The Zoom and a month off hard training for The Ramble

See you next year!!


Tip #41: Race Day tips- The Taper is over- The Day has arrived!

Tip #41: Race Day tips- The Taper is over- The Day has arrived!

To get ready for the exciting day, may I recommend three things.

  1. Wake early and prepare and dress in your running clothes (or better still put on your already prepared running clothes from the night before).

  2. Eat light an easily digestible meal low in fibre such as a banana and piece of toast with honey, or whatever you know is good for you. Give yourself plenty of time to sit on the loo for effective toileting!

  3. If you are sick, consider your goals. Don’t run if you have a fever or some undiagnosed illness that will endanger your health if you compete. If you are a bit crook, revise your goal to an easier effort. Maybe a ‘social run’ :-)

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Tip #40: Race Day tips- The Taper- The night before

Tip #40: Race Day tips- The Taper- The night before

Lack of sleep. Is that a problem?


Think of three things before your Stampede race.


  1. Hydrate with non alcoholic and non caffeinated drinks. Don’t worry if you have to get up to go to the toilet in the middle of the night. Sleep is not critically important the night before.

  2. Eat light. I made the mistake of eating two big meals the night before a marathon once and during the race I stopped at the portaloos more than once for ‘number 2’s’. Just have your normal meal but less.

  3. Go to bed early if you can. Rest rather than sleep is important in the last night. You may be nervous. That is okay as it is normal. It is your body getting ready for your event.

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Tip #39: Race Day tips- The Taper- In the last week

Tip #39: Race Day tips- The Taper- In the last week

What you do in the week leading up to a race, especially a long one like a Half Marathon or Marathon can greatly affect the outcome on event day.


Here are some things not to do in the last week:

  1. Stay a little dehydrated. Drink little water and too much alcohol

  2. Eat little or too much ‘rubbish’ food

  3. Stay up late and get less sleep than usual

  4. Become anxious about the event, thinking that it is the most important thing ever

  5. Become irritable with those closest and dearest, and expect them to understand

  6. Put in a few hard training sessions, to ‘finish off’ your fitness


On the other hand, if want to get to the starting line in as good a condition as possible:

  1. Drink a couple of liters of water per day, and no alcohol

  2. Eat quality carbohydrates and avoid eating too little (or too much)

  3. Get to bed earlier than normal

  4. Relax and remember, it is only a race

  5. Be nice to your friends and family

  6. Reduce your volume of training by a good 50%

Here is more good advice below:

Tip #38: Race Day tips- The Taper- When should it start?

Tip #38: Race Day tips- The Taper- When should it start?

The Taper begins after your last long run, usually 3 to 4 weeks from your Rhino Ramble Marathon, 10 to 14 days from your Zebra Zoom Half Marathon, 7 to 10 days from your Cheetah Chase 10 km and about 5 to 7 days from your Dingo Dash 5.5 km.

For the taper it is the amount of running that is reduced, not intensity (except maybe for the last 2 or 3 days perhaps when you might also reduce speed slightly any faster running in the plan). So don’t run slower, run less.

There is no ‘hard and fast’ rule about the reduction amount, but a guide could be 50% to 60% less kilometers in the last week, 30% to 40% in the second last week, and 10% to 20% less in the third last week (if you are running the marathon). That means that the biggest reduction is in that last week for the Zoom or Ramble, or days if you are running the Dash or Chase.

Inaugural Stampede Feed

Stampede feed: Rub shoulders with running royalty

In celebration of the fifth Dubbo Stampede, we are hosting the inaugural Stampede Feed!

Come dine with running royalty at Taronga Western Plains Zoo in a warm up to the Dubbo Stampede.

Marathon legends Rob ‘Deeks’ de Castella and Jane Fardell will be joining Tim Oberg, head of Parkrun Australia to talk running, lifestyle and the Dubbo Stampede!

The evening will be hosted by Mossy and Robbo fresh back from Rio Olympic games (…did someone say hilarious??). Professional crowd pleasers and energy on tap, the dynamic duo are back again in 2016.

The Stampede Feed is happening for the first time this year. A pasta night to be held at the Savanah Room, Taronga Western Plains Zoo, Saturday 27 August at 6.30pm.

Who’s talking?

Robert de Castella will be keynote speaker for the night. Deeks is our most famous Australian marathon champion who dominated the 80’s and has gone on to inspire and empower Indigenous runners by establishing the Indigenous Marathon Project.

He will be joined by Jane Fardell, our local home grown Australian marathoner and Tim Oberg, head of parkrun Australia.

The evening will involve a keynote from Deeks as well as a panel discussion to be hosted by Mossy and Robbo.

Date: Saturday 27 August, 6.30pm

Location: Savannah Room at Taronga Western Plains Zoo

Cost: $50 per head. Meal (Pasta and dessert provided. Drinks at own expense)

Tickets available here: https://goo.gl/Zs95mw